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Who are Aim3?team

Equipo humano

The provision of services in the field of urban suffers, in many cases, a lack of professionals in all areas covered by this discipline.
Aim3 human team consists of more than 30 experts who work closely with the most suitable specialists in each of the disciplines, creating a heterogeneous group that works in a dynamic and flexible

Currently the Aim3 team consists of the following profiles:

  • _Architects
  • _Technical Architect
  • _Civil Engineering and Ports
  • _Engineers of Public Works
  • _Industrial Engineering
  • _Industrial Engineers
  • _Geographers
  • _Environmentalists
  • _Biologist-environmentalists
  • _Project Managers
  • _Document Manager
  • _computer engineer
  • _Personal staff
    • _Process Organization
    • _Accounting
    • _Marketing and Communication
    • _Administration
    • _Reception