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What services we offer?financial company consulting

Entidades bancarias

The economic scenario in which we currently find ourselves is clearly complex. Given these circumstances, and in view of achieving carrying out a long-term improvement is essential relations and collaboration between the sectors most affected. One of these is the property, whose plight has led to the vast majority of financial institutions on their balance sheets to receive the arrival of large numbers of real estate assets by adjudication.

AIM3 available to financial institutions our technical consulting services focused on the exhaustive study of these real estate assets, whether real estate, sectors or soil to be classified.

The question to be considered is that such assets relate to physical elements of the sector, so are elements that can increase or decrease in value depending on the type of analysis, management and maintenance applied to them . In AIM3 pledge to conduct such a study with the firm intention that the value of these important real estate assets falling into neglect and disrepair. Having a thorough knowledge and proper asset is one of the main engines of progress and improvement to achieve future economic well-being

The services we offer in this type of consulting are:

Pre-evaluation assets

  • _ Due Diligence Process
  • _ Ratings
  • _ technical and economic reports contrast provided asset pricing
  • _ Market Research

Asset Management

  • _ Business Plan Development.
  • Depending on the type of asset:
  • _ Land Management
  • _ Promotions Management
  • _ income asset management
  • _ Assistance and counseling supervision
    Subsidiary Companies in decision-making
  • _Management Commercial
  • _ Maintenance of Assets